Sylo Kaden

The Watcher of the Gate


Dawn Caste

Strength: ••••• Charisma: •• Perception: •••••
Dexterity: ••••• Manipulation: ••••• Intelligence:
Stamina: •• Appearance: Wits: •••
Dawn Zenith Twilight Night Eclipse
Archery: Integrity: ••• Craft: Athletics: •••• Bureaucracy: ••
Martial Arts: Performance: Investigation: •••• Awareness: ••••• Linguistics:
Melee: ••••• Presence: Lore: Dodge: •• Ride:
Thrown: Resistance: ••• Medicine: Larceny: Sail:
War: •• Survival: Occult: Stealth: Socialize:
Compassion Temperance
Conviction Valor
••••• •••••

Charms Increasing Strength Exercise

Second Melee Excellency One Weapon, Two Blows Peony Blossom Attack Iron Whirlwind Attack Hungry Tiger Technique

Whirlwind Armor-Donning Prana Hauberk-Lightning Gesture Armored Scout’s Invigoration

Grand Gorehalberd
Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimum Attunement Tags
5 +3 +12L / 6 +2 1 Str •••• 8 2, O, P, R

Sylo is a native of Crestwood. Born to unassuming parents, a strong sense of justice led him to serve on the city’s guard. However, shortly following Otyugh’s rise to power, Sylo opposed Drake’s corrupt policies and lost his post. The rest is history.

After recovering his first age greatarmor, Sylo is rarely seen outside of it.

Sylo Kaden

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