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  • Cathak Auric

    Cousin of Davien and member of house Cathak. Looks up to his cousin and has been heavily indoctrinated into the immaculate faith. Is a well bred Dragon-blooded specimen. Is known by most to be good-hearted, but headstrong. Is taking the news that he …

  • Cathak Ceres

    Fomerly Nellens Ceres, but married into House Cathak. Is now married to Cathak Davien. Has a strong desire to bring equality to the unexalted.

  • Carisman

    Worked for Otyugh. Disapproved of the circle's lack of compassion, but has since begin working under them. Was an immaculate monk and a member of the wyld hunt long ago, but has since become an Arbiter of the Light and welcomed the circles Solar nature …

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