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  • Mithaniel/ Infallible Principle Crusader

    Mithaniel was a pillar of righteousness standing against tyranny whereever he went. Even as he ran from the wyld hunt he refused to revoke his essence lending charms because he knew the people of Otyugh's land needed the revolution. Is now a Deathknight …

  • Drake/ Empire's Blighted Arms

    The captain of the guard in Otyugh's lands. Fired Sylo for arresting a guilty official due to the official's sway in politics. Said to have died during the rebellion, but to have risen and in a sphere of black light to have killed any who stood before …

  • Weeping Maiden Mourning Revelations/ Yvonna

    Weeping Maiden Mourning Revelations was Yvonna the Overzealous in the First Age her assassinations being brought to an end by her Lunar mate. Shares an exalted soul with Airadel and was a member of the pcs First Age circle. She rules the realm south of …

  • Melior

    Unwanted son of Lady Iridescence. He desperately seeks her approval. He wants to do more with the Solar circle in order to earn more prestige, but his motives seem to dissuade the circle from allowing him a larger part.

  • Lady Iridescence

    Works with the circle and has established a fae embassy in their lands. Wants the people of Creation to love the wyld as she does. Mother of Melior.

  • Cathak Auric

    Cousin of Davien and member of house Cathak. Looks up to his cousin and has been heavily indoctrinated into the immaculate faith. Is a well bred Dragon-blooded specimen. Is known by most to be good-hearted, but headstrong. Is taking the news that he …

  • Cathak Ceres

    Fomerly Nellens Ceres, but married into House Cathak. Is now married to Cathak Davien. Has a strong desire to bring equality to the unexalted.

  • Carisman

    Worked for Otyugh. Disapproved of the circle's lack of compassion, but has since begin working under them. Was an immaculate monk and a member of the wyld hunt long ago, but has since become an Arbiter of the Light and welcomed the circles Solar nature …

  • Warlord Shen "The Blade"

    Was the leader of a province, but was convinced to join The Deliberative of Crestwood under the condition that he become a member of the ruling council. Is known to be the son of a war god, but has yet to display any prowess related to this. Is a man of …

  • Sijanese Monk

    Who the fuck is this guy? Seriously he won't even give a fake name. Like we don't know he's a Siderial OOC. Jeez. -Martin

  • Rand

    Works with Shakora the bat lunar. Is impatient. Little is known about his motivations.

  • Shirl/ Holy Words Ascension

    Known to have been the Lunar mate of Leo the Inquisitor currently known as Theseus Lions. Is the first Lunar to have been tattooed as a Waxing Moon ever.

  • Kolban

    Killed Sylo's First Age incarnation Kinson on the night of the usurpation. Is truly repentant and wishes to serve the needs of the circle, Sylo in particular.

  • Shakora

    Runs the pack based in Riverdale and watches Theseus closely. Seems to lack tact, but maybe she just wasn't in the mood for diplomacy. Seems intent on pursuing Lunar goals and is casutious regarding the circle.

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