Theseus Lions

First Age Apologist


Wears Super Heavy Plate and a Thunderbolt Shield. Chiefly wields the Daiklaive Tempered Form.

Is adept at social combat.

lol iron whirlwind.


Theseus grew up a Scavenger Lord, moving from place to place. He never knew his real parents; they were killed by the Realm in their third attempt to establish a strong presence in the East. He was adopted by Jason of Lions, and taught the skills and profitability of scavenging artifacts, how to deal with gods and lunars, and how to realize when you’re in over your head.

After decades of successful work, Theseus settled down in Hauldenbrook, and married Hyppotla, a cook and traveling saleswoman by trade. Here he got a taste for words, and began writing and producing several popular plays loosely based on his past and current exploits. Once King Otyugh exalted and turned into a general butthole, that went to shit. He was jailed for writing a play that criticized the current rulership, and was forbidden from any scavenging. After Mathanial gave him access to his Essence, he strapped on a Jade Daiklaive and come Calibration, assisted in some regicide.

As a Solar now, Theseus is supremely confident in his vision of a restored First Age. He is deeply concerned with building a society that may benefit all of its citizens and improve the standard of life, especially in the world of the arts. Any structure or item commissioned by him is necessarily decorated and ornate, though not garish or impractical. He works always to share his love of art with the populous.

Theseus Lions

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