The Deliberative of Crestwood

Spybotaging Shadowlands

  • Approached by a member of the Wyld Hunt, Janice, one of Auric’s circle
    • Discussed Immaculate immigration policies
    • Learned that one of their circle went missing.. to the south.
  • Sijanese Monk jumped in, and offered an opportunity to sabotage Weeping Maiden’s warstrider by damaging a ley line with a soulsteel shovel
    • Decided to split up and send Carisman, Kolban and Janice to soulsteelshovel up her manse
    • Met a ghost guard and a bonestrider; seduced them to find Johandirecting ghosts as if he belonged there
    • Claimed to not work for Weeping Maiden, but another deathlord
    • kidnapped and brought back to Crestwood.



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