The Deliberative of Crestwood

Spybotaging Shadowlands
  • Approached by a member of the Wyld Hunt, Janice, one of Auric’s circle
    • Discussed Immaculate immigration policies
    • Learned that one of their circle went missing.. to the south.
  • Sijanese Monk jumped in, and offered an opportunity to sabotage Weeping Maiden’s warstrider by damaging a ley line with a soulsteel shovel
    • Decided to split up and send Carisman, Kolban and Janice to soulsteelshovel up her manse
    • Met a ghost guard and a bonestrider; seduced them to find Johandirecting ghosts as if he belonged there
    • Claimed to not work for Weeping Maiden, but another deathlord
    • kidnapped and brought back to Crestwood.
Charnel House Butthole Brigade
  • Met a ghost-blooded fleeing Charnel House Empire, cause they want to kill him to turn him into a ghost.
  • Met with diplomants from the CHE, who want to be doing said killing. Turned them down.
  • Agreed to go see their leader, to talk about this little faux pas.
  • CHE has rad tits soldiers, but they suck at invading.
  • Turns out, their new ruler is some lady Abyssal with wings. She wants to create a good place for the living and dead, independent of any Deathlord (SURPRISE).
Canibals and Dragon Kings

Circle found Rathess

Circle met crazy Solar Filial Wisdom and god Han-Tha

Circle met Dragon King

Circle Killed Filial Wisdom

Circle found some fae and went home

  • Melior suggested we deal with local Fae competition to Lady Iridescence
    • obtained a full compliment of Graces from the Lady
    • developed Shaping combat skills
  • Met Treant in Autumn with open hostility
    • Engaged in Shaping combat
    • Historical Pre-Enactment Society dealt critical blow
    • Slapping kids make rules
    • Ultimately defeated and banished Treant
  • Dealt with the other group of Fae
    • Brought Chaos-Repelling Technique
    • Brought Iron Whirlwind
    • Brought the Pain
More Lara Croft

-Went to Blessed Isle.

-Davien got hitched to Nellens Ceres.

-Raided Davien’s tomb.

-Exalted first age chess.

-Zelda style puzzle games.



-Met Dark Mithaniel and Dark Drake.

-Went to Rose In Perfect Symmetry.

-Met Deathlord Weeping Maiden Mourning Revelations.

-Weeping Maiden is Yvonna/Airadel

-Raided Airadel’s tomb

-Lawyer quiz.



-Debate with Auric.

-Joined Confederation of Rivers.

Emulating Lara Croft

-Brought Warlord Shen into the country and absorbed his country.

-Raided Theseus’ tomb.

-Weird desert walking.

-Weird oasis.




-Previous exaltations names revealed.

-Sijanese monk shenanigans.

-Met with Auric again.

-Went to Lookshy.

-Found way into Sylo’s tomb.

-Room of fear innefectual.

-Room of sorrow left pcs and tainwei crying.

-Loot/ met Kolban.


-New exalt Lunar found.

-Met local Lunars

New Rulers

-Made deals with Salt God.

-Found ancient tomb.

-Met Wyld hunt.

-More specifically met Auric, who was related to Davien.

-Dragon-blooed complications arose.

The Battle

-Diversion forces sent to distract Carisman.

-Infiltrated and killed Otyugh.

-Let Behir live.

-Exalted as Solars.

-Took control of the province.


-Traveled to Fae land.

-Met Melior, a half-fae and fought some fae commoners.

-Met Melior’s mother Lady Iridescence.

-Made a deal and had cup graces forged.

-Planned the coup.


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